Choosing Plants For Drought Prone Areas

If you have a yard that is prone to drought, it is important to choose drought-tolerant plants that look beautiful. There are a number of public gardens throughout the state that have developed lists of plants that thrive in arid climates. In addition, USU Extension has provided helpful information about plants for Utah climates. However, you should always select the right plant for your yard. If you have a large yard, be sure to check the USDA’s hardiness zones.

An excellent choice for a privacy screen is the roughleaf plant. It can grow up to nine feet high with full foliage and showy white flowers in the warmer months. Plants like this require average watering and partial shade. You can find them at most improvement stores for less than $50. Alternatively, you could try Holly, a beautiful broad-leafed evergreen shrub with striking red fruit. Holly grows in zones 3-8.

You can plant drought-tolerant plants in a drought-prone area to save water. These plants are known to grow in dry climates and require low water. They also do not require a lot of fertilizer. A great option for low-water-demanding plants is Mediterranean-adapted species. There are many resources that provide advice on what plants will thrive best in our region. One of the most popular is the Mediterranean plant selection. Those in the Mediterranean region typically grow well in arid regions and need little to no water.

If you want to plant flowers in a warm climate, be sure to plan ahead. The weather can change rapidly and you may want to choose a drought-tolerant plant. While planting a hardy perennial, make sure you consider the USDA hardiness zone before planting. In warm climates, plants like pansies should be planted sooner than other flowers. A good rule of thumb is to plant perennials and shrubs. Then, you can choose seasonal flowers.

If you want a low-maintenance plant that looks great in your yard, try the spotted laurel. This easy-to-grow shrub is a great choice for a foundation or container. It will not grow very large if it grows too quickly, but it does make a great hedge. It can be pruned to maintain its shape if necessary. These plants are also available for purchase online on websites like Etsy.

Regardless of the type of plant you choose, be sure to know how to care for it. This shrub will thrive in moist conditions if watered regularly. It is also drought-tolerant and does not require excessive water. Fountain grass cultivar ‘Rubrum’ does not tend to spread in your garden. And it rarely produces seeds. So, the agave does not need any fertilizer. However, if you do choose to plant an agave in your yard, be sure to take the following steps to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

If you are looking for a fragrant shrub, you can try the blue coneflower. This plant is deer and rabbit resistant and mixes well with other flowers. There are also hybrid forms of the blue coneflower, which can come in many different colors. Despite its reputation, the native blue coneflower is actually quite fragrant and attracts birds to the yard. These seeds are attractive to goldfinches and chickadees. There are a variety of azalea varieties available for your garden.